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Below are all the tracks of all previous episodes so you can discover the great Sun Lounge artists.

Episode 73 - 2018's last show - The Philippines Island of Siquijor

  1. C'est Si Bon - Dagmar's Collective
  2. Greetings From Here - Alessandro Magnanini
  3. Destination - Ruck P
  4. A Rilento - Marchio Bossa
  5. Dry Eyes - De-Phazz
  6. Valse Gitane - Gipsy Kings
  7. Parole Parole - Chiara Civello
  8. To My Mother - Omar Bashir
  9. Samba Cantina - Paul Desmond
  10. Dindi - Meja 
  11. On a Clear Day - Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet

The track played during the interview with Ra'z Salvarita was On The Beach by Marcel.

Episode 72 - The Christmassy destinations of the world

  1.  Sunny Weather - Lisa Ekdahl
  2. Runaway - Jamiroquai
  3. Smart Traveller - Pat Appleton
  4. Coffee - Abatabix
  5. Ciudad Blanca - Jaime Torres
  6. Underneath The Apple Tree - Michael Franks
  7. The Woman Walking By The Sea - Jamhunters
  8. Little Sunflower - Dorothy Ashby
  9. Rosemaries Baby - Saint Privat
  10. Plus Je T'embrasse - Malia
  11. What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life (Feat. Chris Botti) - Sting

Episode 71 - Themed Travel with Lonely Planet

  1. Brivido Felino - Papik, Stefy Gamboni, Daniele Bengi Benati
  2. Rough Landing - Waldeck
  3. Let Him Love You - St Project
  4. It's A Shame - The Spinners
  5. Home Cookin' - Holiton Ruiz
  6. Save a Little Love For Me (Feat. Ester Rada) - Club Des Belugas
  7. Nuages - Andrea Cardillo
  8. Love Me or Leave Me - Bella Wagner
  9. All I Want - Jehro
  10. Born Without The Words - Denison Witmer
  11. As Time Goes By (Feat. Joy Denalane) - Till Bronner

The track you heard during the interview with Chris Zeiher was Manhattan by Dave Ross.

Episode 70 - Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula