Advertise on The Sun Lounge

What is The Sun Lounge?  

The Sun Lounge is the flagship show from the Sunset Club Productions network.  Within days of its launch, the show attracted advertising from the travel and luxury goods industries, and developed key followings from Australia, Japan, Germany, Korea, Sweden, and the US.  For all rates per thousand listeners (CPM) or for further information, please complete the Contact form and we will make contact with you shortly. 

Why should I advertise on The Sun Lounge?  

Podcasting is all about active engagement. The listener has already performed a positive action just by subscribing and then listening, and given they are updated with new episodes each week, listeners are loyal. Importantly, The Sun Lounge has a maximum of 5 x 30 second advertisements in any given hour, which reduces the commercial clutter.  We have one sponsorship slot, which includes a 45-second host-read mid-roll (middle of the show), along with a 15-second audio pre-roll (at the intro), and we may have short 10-second advertising slots on special request from advertisers each show.  

Your advertisement can be pre-recorded, or Adam can give your brand a live host endorsement by integrating your brand into the content of the show depending on what stories and segments are being presented each week. Some of our segment features can even revolve around brands -  for example, some of our artists' countries of origin could be coupled with your hotel or brand's country. Should you require assistance in getting your advertisement recorded or scripted for The Sun Lounge, we can work with you to perfect your advertisement for the show, including use of voiceovers, music and effects. Plus, any advertisements or sponsorship on the show will also appear as on our website as an ad banner of your choosing.   

Your ad is also measurable with accurate metrics. Every download is tracked via our distributor's metrics which confirms that the show with your spots were heard.  And the downloads are unique. This means that while a listener may manually re-request a download several times in a short timeframe, the statistics are filtered so that those requests are determined to be from the same overall download request, showing one unique download rather than the raw request count.

Listeners can access the show and your content from a desktop, tablet and mobile website, and whether the show is listened via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Twitter, Facebook, your brand message will be delivered.  

To request more information about rates per thousand listeners (CPM), and current listenership statistics, please complete the Contact form and Sunset Club productions will make contact with you shortly.  

With The Sun Lounge, your global brand will be reaching the "refined" masses internationally. 

Why should I begin podcast advertising with The Sun Lounge?  

The current buzz in adland is all about podcasts and radio shows with global reach.  Why ? Because there is no other medium with such an intimate connection with your listener. Even unlike the intimacy of radio where people can stumble across mid show, with podcasts each listener has made a conscious choice to search, subscribe or download the show, and is therefore much more likely to listen to the show through to completion. 

Podcast advertising is now deemed to be the most effective way for brands to reach consumers. Catering to the modern need for passive companionship has turned into a major industry. Palisades Media Group digital director Mike McLaughlin told AdAge podcast advertisements are five times as effective as web ads, largely because of the durational intimacy of the form. Research firm RawVoice told the Washington Post last year 75 million people listen to a podcast at least once a month. A 2014 study from Edison found that among daily podcast listeners, podcasts occupied 30% of their overall listening time, more than any other single audio source. Podcast subscriptions through iTunes passed one billion in 2013, and not soon after advertisers began scouring for ways to wring money from the it. [from Forbes article "Podcasts are doing to advertising what Uber has done to transportation", Apr 2015]

Here are some facts that prove podcast advertising is right for any brand:  

Approximately 46 million people listen to podcasts in the US.  

Podcasts are often listened to shortly after they are downloaded, meaning podcast advertiser messaging is relevant and timely for podcast listeners: 

61+ % Progressively Stream Episodes
74+ % Within 48 Hours of Release 
95+ % Prior to Next Release (97% within 1 week) 

Advertiser Messaging is Heard: 

86% of consumers listen to the entire podcast episode they download. 
The average Podcast listener consumes 84% of all audio podcasts they downloaded or stream. 
47% of Podcast listeners "strongly agree" that they pay more attention to podcast advertising than advertising on broadcast radio. 

Podcast listeners are consistent: 

On average, podcast consumers listen to 6 podcasts each week, and listen to an average total of 9.5 hours weekly. 
62% primarily listen on a mobile device. 

Listeners are in prime demographic categories: 

Adults 25-44 make up 61% of listeners. 
35% of listeners make more than $75k annually, above the U.S. average. 
62% have finished at least 4 years of college (higher educated)