The best music from around the world

The Sun Lounge is the one hour weekly music and travel show covering our world !  Mixing a relaxing blend of world music from the best artists in the world, with the world's most exotic destinations and festivals. 


The Sun Lounge is a Sunset Club Music Production.  Based in Melbourne Australia, Sunset Club boasts representation of music from around the world, and is the producer of live music, as well as radio, tv and film production.    

Produced between Australia and the UK, each weekly episode of the Sun Lounge comes to you with the help of a team of professionals with expertise in radio production. Many thanks to the following for their enduring help and support in getting the show going and keeping it running:

Mark Sandler - Producer and editor

Beverley Humphreys - Voice Over and presenter, BBC Wales

Clive Roderick - Voice Over and Presenter, BBC Wales

Adam Dunning

Adam Dunning's music is synonymous with sunshine. The Australian solo artist is known worldwide for his Bossa Nova, Solar, and Surf Jazz styles.  Each week Adam brings his knowledge of this fascinating sun-drenched styles for the ultimate sublime experience. Read more about Adam, listen to his music, and download his tunes, and more right here.

Exotic destinations

Whether it's Venice, Capri, Malibu, or Madeira, each week The Sun Lounge takes you to the most exotic destinations. In each episode, we help you explore your world with experts and guide book publishers who travel the world and uncover the world's unspoilt secrets and exotic adventures.  The best part - let the music take you there real time !